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Please use the email addresses and phone numbers provided here for questions about our program

or to speak to someone at one of our locations. To schedule a tour appointment or join the waitlist,

please click the button below. 

Cosmopolitan Kids Downtown

  1000 Second Avenue

  Seattle, WA 98104


Cosmopolitan Kids Uptown (Queen Anne)

  200 1st Avenue West, Suite 100

  Seattle, WA 98119




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At Cosmopolitan Kids Children's Academy, we believe that children are the very essence of the future. Who they are tomorrow is essentially the outcome of how they are raised and nurtured today. As the leading Children's Center in the Seattle area, we go above and beyond to provide our youth an empowering environment where they can fully embrace their identity and gain all the skills they need to be leaders tomorrow.

Our goals are to shape the way they live their lives and teach them the fundamentals of social responsibility, healthy living and cultural acceptance. Curious to find out more about us and how you can get involved? Browse our website and get in touch with us today.

To check availability, schedule a tour or join the waitlist, CLICK BELOW:

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